Smart Home Rescue

Does your Smart Home System need rescuing?

Our team are experts at rescuing troubled and unfinished systems while minimising disruption to the home and can deliver reliable and customised Smart Home solutions to suit any home.

Why might you need a Smart Home Rescue?

Through 10 years in business, these are some reasons why past clients have engaged us to rescue their Smart Home systems:

  • they have been underwhelmed by their system
  • their system is unstable, intermittent, and unreliable
  • their system was never installed correctly
  • their system was never finished
  • their system has been discontinued or become difficult to service (HPM iControl, AMX)
  • their system has not been correctly maintained
  • their system is not benefiting from modern technologies and integrations
  • their Integrator won’t return their phone calls
  • their Integrator has gone out of business

Our team specialise in solving these issues, and aim to deliver reliable and cost effective solutions to what are complex and highly technical issues.

Rescue Case Study

HPM iControl

Working in conjunction with a builder and electrical contractor, our team were approached to provide advice and possible solutions for a home in Mosman NSW with an existing and complex HPM iControl system which was causing extensive issues throughout the home. HPM iControl was a common lighting control system until it was acquired and discontinued by Legrand.

Following a comprehensive audit of the existing system, our team designed and commissioned a full replacement system using Clipsal C-Bus lighting throughout all areas of the home, while utilising only the existing cabling. This approach greatly reduced disruption to the home, while also keeping costs down significantly.

In addition, our team also commissioned a professional-grade network and WiFi upgrade to ensure strong and reliable WiFi and NBN speeds throughout all areas of the multi-level home.

This project included:

  • 140 Clipsal C-Bus lighting control circuits
  • 16 Clipsal C-Bus Load Controllers
  • 12 Clipsal C-Bus eDLT User Interfaces
  • 19 Clipsal C-Bus Saturn Zen User Interfaces
  • 2 Clipsal C-Bus Indoor motion sensors
  • 2 Clipsal C-Bus Outdoor motion sensors
  • 1 Clipsal C-Bus Ethernet interface
  • 1 Clipsal C-Bus Pascal Automation controller
  • 5 Ubiquit Unifi AC Pro WiFi Access Points
  • 1 Ubiquiti Unifi USG Security Gateway
  • 3 Ubiquiti Unifi Managed Switches
Moruben Rd, Mosman

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